Moving from fear to freedom isn’t intuitive when faced with a tremendous amount of self-doubt. But it’s important to remember that difficult circumstances happen. It’s getting back up and moving forward that brings back self-confidence.

Don’t let unfortunate circumstances negatively impact the way you look at yourself. This is only a recipe for getting stuck.

At one point in his career, our co-host, Weston Pokorny was faced with opportunity to do something great. This was an opportunity to do something courageous.

After years of success in his career, Weston found himself laid off and in a mess of self-doubt. Though he had years of experience in the computer technology arena, he felt hopeless.

This is a story of how he went from paralyzing fear to freedom.

In this episode:

  • We hear how Weston gained freedom from his own fears and self-doubt
  • The two major factors that moved him from paralyzation to massive action
  • Why you should never discount your abilities

It isn’t worth it

Feeling fear is sometimes a necessary step for overcoming it. However, when we allow ourselves to wallow in fear and self-doubt, usually it is very difficult to get out of it on our own. It isn’t worth it to allow fear to grip you to a point of paralyzation.

Moving from fear to freedom

You may be facing fear and self-doubt. It’s never worth it to discredit your abilities and skill-sets. Life happens. It doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. We just need to pick up and move on.

It also helps to surround yourself with people who believe in you. Certainly, there will come times when you don’t. This is why consistent community is important if you want to find success in your chosen field of work.

If you are having trouble finding freedom from your own fears do the following: Stop, acknowledge your fears, surround yourself with encouraging people, create a plan, and press on.

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Samuel Hatton

Samuel Hatton


Samuel Hatton is the full-time marketing guy at Endsight – San Francisco Bay Area’s premium locally sourced computer technology support. He’s a multi-talented creative, natural encourager, and is full of courageous ideas.

Weston Pokorny

Weston Pokorny


Weston Pokorny is a free-lance business technology consultant. People call him when they are faced with major projects they just can't get organized around. He's a master organizer, people connector, and is full of courageous compassion.

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